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Family Camping

This past weekend our middle son Wes and his girlfriend Chelsea came over and camped with us at Cherry Glen.  They had just purchased a new ALPS tent off of Amazon and this was their first time setting it up.  Wes has been looking for a tent for quite a while and we’ve been trying to explain how nice it would be to have one that you could stand up in.  Originally he wanted a small back pack tent but we explained the benefits of having a tent you can stand up in, especially when the weather is bad and you may be stuck in the tent for a few hours.  So, I guess our advice is not completely without merit and this is what he bought.


This is Wes, Rick, and Tucker setting up the tent behind the trailer.


Wes is a funny guy who never fails to make us laugh.  When all three boys are home together we have a great time since all of their personalities mesh and it’s a contest to see who can make the others laugh harder.  Here’s some more pictures of Wes and Chelsea and Wes hunting with his new lantern in the middle of the day.



One thing we like about the Saylorville Lake area is the amount of wildlife.  It’s very typical to see deer, hawks, bald eagles, cardinals, oriels, and robins.  This Robin built her nest in a tree right next to our camp and we watched her fly in and out all day carrying insects to her three little ones.


Well that’s all for today.  Thanks for stopping in and happy camping!

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