Middle of the Midwest

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Repair and Maintenance

This weekend gave us warm and beautiful weather and a chance to repair several items we had on the list from our last camp-out.  We park our camper in a storage facility and don’t have the luxury of working on it at home.  We can do some things there but unless you take the generator out to the storage unit, it is kind of a pain to work on it.  Anyway, the first thing needed was new hoses from the propane regulator to the tanks.  This was fairly simple once I got the right parts and worked well.  No leaks and the new lines have the hand tighten connection versus the old lines which required a wrench to loosen or tighten.


On our last trip, we also discovered a water leak in the water fitting that went from the sink, to the toilet and to the kitchen sink.  The problem here was the only access was through a drawer space out 6″ by 12″.  The fitting was the old crimp type that they no longer make so I got the new fittings which are compression and spliced into the line with a coupling and then the new tee.  Thanks to Imperial RV of Ankeny for the advice and parts to fix the leak.


The next problem was the air conditioner.  We found on the last trip that the fan did not come on but we did hear a slight hum which meant that at the very least, we had power.  We took the inside part of the unit off the ceiling and tried to loosen the squirrel cage fan up inside.  It was stuck tighter than a drum and I thought for sure the fan itself would break as I tried to turn it by hand.  Eventually it broke free and began to turn easily.  Turned the power on and voila, to works great.  This repair was either gonna make or break our camping season this year.  Iowa is just too hot and humid in the summer without A/C and if we could not get this going, these units are just to expensive to replace on an older trailer we may be replacing next year.  Well that’s it for work we accomplished and I’ll post more about the rest of the weekend and some of the food we cooked.

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