Middle of the Midwest

The real life adventures of Rick and Patti in Iowa

Trial Run 2015

SAM_0229It was the 24th of April, the Jayco was washed inside and out, and we were ready to head out camping again after 8 years.  The Jayco is a 1987 model which was well taken care of but sat in our driveway unused due to life issues that meant we just didn’t have the time but always planned for “next year”.  Well, next year is this year and we headed out for Cherry Glen campground at Saylorville Lake just outside of Des Moines.  We had a great campsite, plenty of firewood, Tucker, our yellow/red lab, our dutch oven, and plenty of food.  What we didn’t have was good weather.  It rained Friday night into Saturday with more predicted throughout the day on Saturday.  At least with all the cold rainy weather, we found some issues with the trailer that need attention.  When we turned the water pump on to flush the anti-freeze out of the lines, there was not much pressure and then found one of the fittings had split.  The new propane tank was hooked up and when I opened the valve, there was a distinct propane smell and a leak was discovered in the hose.  The A/C is not working and the jury is still out about what’s going on there.  Even with all the problems we found on this 28 year old trailer, it was a great time.  We cooked our famous sloppy joe’s in the dutch oven, made smores, and drank coffee from our old percolator coffee pot.  All in all, it was a great trip and these projects aren’t too bad or too serious.  So I’ll work on the trailer and we’ll get ready for our next camp out in a couple of weeks.  This time I’ll get more pictures.  Happy Camping!

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